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Ninja Dragons Golden Gaming Keyboard and mouse set

Ninja Dragons Golden Gaming Keyboard and mouse set

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Ninja Dragons Golden Gaming Keyboard and mouse set 

Introducing the Ninja Dragons Golden Gaming Keyboard and mouse set USB Wired Ergonomic Backlit Premium Gaming Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Set with Aluminum Alloy Panel - an exceptional gaming accessory designed for the most discerning gamers.

Product Features:

Premium Metal Construction:

  • Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the keyboard and mouse feature a robust metal construction that exudes a premium feel and ensures longevity.

Gaming Mouse Features:

  • Equipped with a middle-end game IC, the mouse boasts an impressive key life of 1000W times, ensuring it can handle intense gaming sessions with ease.
  • Four adjustable DPI settings (1000-1600-2000-4000) enable you to fine-tune your mouse's sensitivity to match your gaming preferences.
  • The mouse button employs high-grade skin-like technology for a comfortable touch, while the metal-textured electroplating finish on the sides adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Underneath, a 1.0mm thick steel plate provides stability and a solid, metal feel.
  • The mouse features a seven-color breathing light, creating an immersive and visually pleasing gaming atmosphere.

Gaming Keyboard Features:

  • The keyboard employs a liquid silicone design for a responsive and tactile typing experience.
  • Key caps are double-colored injection molded, ensuring good light transmittance for the vibrant backlighting.
  • The keyboard's upper cover is meticulously crafted using aluminum alloy wire drawing technology, setting it apart from standard iron sheet construction.
  • Enjoy a customizable RGB experience with three adjustable modes and brightness control to suit your preferences.
  • The keyboard is equipped with mechanical switches, delivering improved performance, tactile feedback, and precision for a competitive edge in gaming.


  • Keyboard: Cable Length: 1800mm (5.9ft) plastic wire
  • Key Cap: Double color injection molding
  • Panel: Aluminum alloy wire drawing
  • Key Pressure: 50±5


  • Cable Length: 1800mm (5.9ft) plastic wire
  • DPI Settings: Four gears (1000-4000)
  • Button Pressure: 65±10
  • Color: Golden

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