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LuminousTunes: LED Stereo Speakers for PC

LuminousTunes: LED Stereo Speakers for PC

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LuminousTunes: LED Stereo Speakers for PC

Introducing our LuminousTunes: LED Stereo Speakers for PC – the perfect audio companion for your desktop computer. These speakers offer a stylish design, impeccable sound quality, and the convenience of LED light accents, all in a compact and portable package.

Key Features:

Stylish and Portable Design: These computer speakers are not only high-performing but also visually appealing. With a sleek and compact design, they are easy to carry and make for a personal companion for both home and travel use.

High-Quality Stereo Sound: Enjoy a 2.0 channel stereo experience that immerses you in high-fidelity audio. The 2-inch paper-based hemp pulp fiber cone full-range speakers deliver crisp and powerful sound, making your music and multimedia come to life.

Digital Power Amplification: Our speakers feature original imported digital power amplifiers that enhance sound source reproduction to more than 99.3%, achieving near lossless audio quality. You'll hear every detail and note with remarkable clarity.

Acoustic Design: The cavity of these speakers adheres to acoustic design principles, resulting in a soft and clear tone with distinct layers. Your music will sound more vibrant and engaging.

Energy-Efficient: The green low-energy digital power amplifier ensures high efficiency and energy savings, making these speakers an eco-friendly choice.

Easy Connectivity: These speakers connect effortlessly to your computer through a 3.5mm standard plug. Plus, the USB power supply cable can be directly inserted into any USB port, ensuring convenient power access.


- Input Power: USB direct plug power supply (5V 500mA)
- Speaker Specifications: 2 inches X 2
- Frequency Response: 25Hz-20KHz
- Impedance: 4 ohms
- Power Supply Mode: USB DC5V
- Audio Material: High gloss plastic
- Power Amplifier Output Power: RMS 3W * 2
- Input Interface: 3.5mm stereo line input

Shipping Information:

Your order will be shipped promptly, and you can expect to receive it within 3-7 days. 

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