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PocketBeat: Tiny Wireless Speaker

PocketBeat: Tiny Wireless Speaker

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PocketBeat: Tiny Wireless Speaker

Product Highlights:

- Compact and Portable: The super mini size of this Bluetooth speaker allows you to effortlessly carry it in your riding bag, pocket, or hang it from your bike's handlebars, ensuring music on the go.

- Powerful Sound: Despite its size, this speaker delivers remarkably loud and clear sound, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

- Dual Speaker Connection: Seamlessly connect your phone to one or two speakers, enhancing your audio experience and providing the flexibility to amplify your sound.

- Remote Camera Control: With a Bluetooth connection to your phone, this speaker can serve as a remote control for taking photos, adding convenience to your photography needs.

- TWS Functionality: When you purchase two speakers and activate them simultaneously, you create a stereo sound system with left and right channels, delivering an immersive listening experience.

- Package Contents: Each package includes one speaker, a portable lanyard for added convenience, and a charger cable to keep the music playing.

Shipping Details:

- Delivery Time: 3-14 business days for shipping. 

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