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    Sykik U901rv 4, Tpms For Trucks And Rvs With 3 Year Us Warranty

    • In real time, monitor the temperature and pressure in all your tires (Up to 22) wirelessly. Sensors can handle 0 to 225 psi
    • Special antenna eliminates any inference from other sources. Includes 2 sets of antenna to install on the unit, or outside of the cab.
    • With special air-leakage alarm to notify you if there is a leakage before the lower limit of air pressure is reached
    • Dual power monitor operates on included rechargeable battery, or via included cigarette adaptor to your vehicle.
    • Comes with 4, Can easily add more sensors to monitor more tires (up to 22).

    Thank you for considering Sykik TPMS for trucks and RVs. This system is designed to provide real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature of heavy vehicles such as RVs and trucks. With easy addition of sensors, the system allows monitoring of up to 22 tires. This wireless system is easy to instal in minutes. With specially designed antennas (included), signals are received with minimum interference from other types of equipment you might have in the cabin. Just set the range of tire pressures and maximum temperature and you are set to go. Or just use the default settings for your parameters. In case of a sudden drop in tire pressure, even still above the minimum setting, you will be alerted to take the necessary precautions. Keeping your tire pressure in the correct range not only can saves lives will saves fuel, and extend tire life.

    Default setting:

    High pressure: 175 PSI

    Low pressure: 100PSI

    Temperature high: 149 F

    What is in the box

    Each system comes complete, ready to install. No additional parts are not necessary to purchase. If the length of the vehicle is over 40, a signal amplifier is recommended (sold separately):

    1 Monitor+ 1 Monitor clip+ 1 Monitor flat surface mount+ 1 Rechargeable battery for display

    4-12 Heavy-duty sensors with batteries installed (number of sensors are based on the package purchased)+ 4-12 Locknuts+ 1 Locknut tool

    1 Monitor antenna + 1 extended antenna

    1 Cigarette lighter power adaptor

    1 USB cord

    1 Battery changing tool





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