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    SL2100 Digital-Analog Station Card

    - Provides interface for (8) digital stations and (2) analog stations
    - Also provides interface for:
    - Music-on-Hold or Background Music source
    - External paging Zone
    - Equipped with (4) 8-conductor interface jacks.
    - (2) for (8) digital stations
    - (1) for (2) analog stations (or Doorboxes)
    - (1) for Music-on-Hold/Background Music input and External Paging Zone output and (2) relay circuit connections.
    - The above relay circuits are available for:
    - Door-strike control when analog ports are used for Doorboxes
    - Control for Music-on-Hold or Background Music source
    - Control of External Paging Equipment
    - Installs only in universal slots 1-3 of Main or Expansion Chassis.
    - Allows addition of (1) 3-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board (3COIDB) or (1) PRI Daughter Board (1PRDB).
    - Maximum (3) per Main or Expansion Chassis.
    - Maximum (9) per system.


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