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    Protects four lines RJ-11 45 connectors

    - Analog Station Set and Central Office Line Protector
    - Protects up to 2-wires (1-pair) per jack. Using RJ11/45 connectors (pins 4 5)
    - Auto-Resetting Technology: PTC resistors open when a surge occurs protecting your equipment but unlike other fuses the PTCs close again once the surge passes.
    - Expandable modular system
    - Applications: Analog and Central Office lines for PBX or KSU
    - Agency Approval: UL 497A (Secondary)
    - Grounding Requirements: Uses Electrical AC Ground
    - Recommended Grounding Impedance: <0.5 Ohm
    - Signal Perfect Circuitry
    - Auto-Resetting PTCs: 160 mA (8-10 Ohms)
    - Clamping Level: 260V
    - Response Time: 1-5 Nanoseconds
    - Capacitance: <50pF
    - Suppression Modes: Metallic and Longitudinal
    - Wires Protected: 2-wires (1-pair) per jack (pins 4 5)
    - Termination Type: RJ11/45


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