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    iMicro Cobra IM-KBCOBM1 87-Key Mechanical (Blue Switch) TKL Gaming Keyboard



    • Mfr Part Number: IM-KBCOBM1
    • Features:
      • Concise 87 key TKL layout design. Aluminum top plate, scratch resistant
      • Advanced double-shot backlit keycaps, shine-through, never rub off
      • Cherry MX Blue Switch equivalent switch. 60 million times operation
      • Rainbow color LED backlight customized light effects
      • Auto sleep function, LED lights go off when keyboard is idle for 10 minutes. Press any key to wake up
      • Multi-function FN key combination supported
      • N-Key rollover, anti-ghost
    • Interface: USB 2.0
    • Keys number: 87 keys
    • Key route: 2.4mm (blue switch), 2.0mm (brown, red switch), 1.5mm (black switch)
    • Strength: 60g (blue, red and brown switch), 80g (black switch)
    • Rated voltage/current: DC 5V/<200mA
    • Operation platform: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/10/Mac OS
    • Dimensions(WxLxH): 128.70 x 359.00 x 38.24 ± 0.2 mm
    • Weight: 660.0 g
    • Shortcut keys for multi-function:
      • FN+1= Game Light Model 1 (FPS) - ASDW Arrow Keys ESC keys light on
      • FN+2= Game Light Model 2 (CF) - ASDW Ctrl-L Shift-L Alt-L Space RGQEB 1-5 Tab F1-F3 Home End PgUp PgDn PrtSc keys light on
      • FN+3= Game Light Model 3 (COD) - QWERTASDFGCV 1-7 Ctrl-L Shift-L   keys light on
      • FN+4= Game Light Model 4 (RTS) - QWERASDGXZFKLHMNUYTP Space 1-0 Ctrl-L Shift-L Alt-L keys light on
      • FN+5= Game Light Model 5 (LOL Full) - QWER DGFBV Ctrl-L Alt-L Tab Space ~ 1-6 Esc keys light on
      • FN+6= Game Light Model 6 (Car Race) - ASDWR Arrow Keys Ctrl-L Shift-L Alt-L keys light on
      • FN+7= Game Light Model 7 (NBA) - AFSWRE Space Arrow Keys ZXCV 1234 Shift-L Ctrl-L Alt-L keys light on
      • FN+8= Game Light Model 8 (LOL Simple) - QWERDFB 1-6 light on
      • FN+9= Customized Light Model 1 - self design
      • FN+0= Customized Light Model 2 - self design


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