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    Wavenet 1367-N Cat6 Shielded CMR 600MHZ STP/FTP Ethernet Bulk Cable 23AWG Bare Copper - 1000 Feet Blue

    SKU CMP-1367-N
    Cat6 STP Bulk Cable - 600Mhz Bare Copper, 23AWG - 1000 Feet, Blue Successful business owners think about the long term. For example, a heavy­duty electrical system may not be necessary for a start­up data processing company; a year down the road, though, it will probably prove to have been an extremely smart investment. Advance planning is particularly important for business owners - or home owners - when it comes to the fast­moving world of computer networking. Just five years ago, a gigabit Ethernet was only a dream for small companies or home users. Today these high­speed networks are common and affordable, and may soon be supplanted by previously­unthinkable 10 gigabit or 100 gigabit capability. That’s where advance planning and the Cmple Cat6 shielded twisted pair bulk cable come in. Slightly less­expensive Cat5a cabling is more than sufficient for most of today’s Ethernet requirements. But in five years, do you really want to be fishing cable through the wall all over again, because you’re upgraded your network and the old cable isn’t sufficient for the increased data transfer requirements of your brand­new 10 gigabit Ethernet? Our Cmple Category 6 STP bulk cable is constructed for the long haul. It handles data speeds as high as 550MHz, much more than you’ll need today but probably what you’ll need tomorrow. It’s also ideal for flawless data transmission because Cat6 cable is designed with extra twists with a divider between them, virtually eliminating electromagnetic and radio frequency interference as well as cross­talk issues. It’s the same type of cable that your internet company uses for networking and phone installations, and it will soon become the only type of cabling used for new installations. It makes sense to choose Cat6 cable now for your business or home - because you’ll need it sooner than you think. And believe it or not, it’s only a little more expensive than comparable Cat5a cable. Everything about the Cmple bulk cable says quality. It’s made from bare copper wire and not the cheaper CCA (copper­clad aluminum) used for lesser cabling, so it meets all federal and UL standards for safety and fire prevention. It has a CM fire safety rating so it’s safe for most in-wall installations (as long as they’re not running through a plenum or riser). And the 1000 feet of cable even comes with markers along its entire length, making it simple to measure out the exact amount of cabling you need for a run. Checking the details of the Cmple Cat6 550 MHz shielded twisted pair 1000 foot bulk Wire: bare copper, 23 AWG Suitable for megabit Ethernet and above Meets or exceeds Cat6 specifications 4 pairs of shielded, twisted wires with dividers CM rated, safe for in­wall use Compliant with National Electrical Code TIA­568­C2 and UL Code 444 fire standards Maximum speed/data transfer: 600Mhz Length: 1000 feet, suitable for long runs Color: Blue When you buy this Cat6 cabling in bulk, it only costs about 50 cents more per foot than our less­expensive Cat5e cable. Anyone who considers themselves a smart business or home owner - and is planning to run cable through their walls for a long­term installation - can easily see why that’s an investment well worth making.


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