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Boot Dryer stand

Boot Dryer stand

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Product Description:

Quick & Safe Drying

Ultra Quiet

Dry More Garments Simultaneously

Keep Garments Fresh

180 Minutes Timer

Product Details:

Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer; Glove Dryer & Boot Warmer with Heat Blower; Ski Boot Dryer with Adjustable Tubes & Timer; Ultra Silent; Quick Drying for Work Boots; Ski Boots; Sneakers; Gloves; Hats; Helmets

he upgraded forced warm air system lets the heavy duty boot dryer to dry most garments in 60 minutes; and the warm air never cause any over drying or shrinkage. Zero fire risk from overheating. Safely dry wet boots; shoes; gloves; helmets and other garments.

The heat blower of the boot and glove dryer works super silent by gently blowing warm air to drys your footwear; quietly and effectively drying garments overnight. 

4 retractable dryers help to dry 2 pairs of footwears at once; saving your time. 2 smaller front dryers are designed for gloves; socks or kids shoes.

Fast drying damp garments in 1 hour and wet gartmetns in 3 hours; this boot dryer and deodorizer helps to effectively eliminate moisture; sweat and odor; keep footwear fresh and stink-free.

The boot warmer dryer with heat blower allows you to set different drying time for different garments. It prevents overheating and damage to accessories even if you go out or forget to turn it off.



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