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AirPops Pro: Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker - Oil-Free & BPA Free

AirPops Pro: Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker - Oil-Free & BPA Free

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Product Description

Quick and Easy Operation:
- Making popcorn is a breeze!
- Add kernels to the high-capacity heating chamber.
- Push the one-touch start button for hot, fresh popcorn in minutes.

Healthier Option:
- Uses hot air for popping, eliminating the need for added oils or preservatives.
- A healthier choice for guilt-free snacking.

Fully Popped Popcorn:
- Achieves a remarkable 98% burst rate.
- Say farewell to undercooked kernels; enjoy fluffy popcorn every time.

Multifunctional Design:
- Measuring cup doubles as a butter melting tray.
- Easily add flavor to your popcorn with convenience.

Easy to Clean:
- Effortless cleaning with a simple wipe using a damp cloth.
- Hassle-free maintenance for a seamless popcorn experience.

Product Features:

High Blast Rate:
- Ensures efficient popping, leaving almost no unpopped corn kernels.

Healthy & Delicious:
- Air-popped for a healthier, oil-free snack.

Almost No Unexposed Kernels:
- Delivers a 98% popping rate, minimizing waste.

Gift for Food Lovers:
- Ideal for gifting to friends or family who enjoy healthy snacks.

Technical Specification:

- Type: Hot Air Popper
- Capacity: 16 Cups
- Color Options: Red, White, Green

Package Includes:

- 1x POP P Popcorn Machine


- Perfect for movie nights, parties, or events.
- Ideal for study or work sessions for a quick, convenient snack.
- Great for family game nights and sports events.

Benefits of the Product:

1. 16 Cup Capacity:
- Generous popcorn supply for various occasions.

2. 98% Popping Rate:
- Ensures almost every kernel pops, reducing waste.

3. Compact and Portable:
- Modern design for easy storage and portability.

4. No Oil; No Added Preservatives:
- Promotes healthier popcorn consumption.

5. Energy-Efficient and Modern Design:
- Stylish, efficient, and eco-friendly.

shipping Information:

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