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Commercial Popcorn Machine Also used in Home; Party; Movie Theater Style 4 oz. Ounce Antique 300 Watts Big Grande Size 5 Core-POP-850

Commercial Popcorn Machine Also used in Home; Party; Movie Theater Style 4 oz. Ounce Antique 300 Watts Big Grande Size 5 Core-POP-850

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About this item


Brand:5 Core


5 Core Popcorn Popper Air Popper Machine Popcorn Maker Hot Air Pop Corn Machine POP 850


About Item


Effortless snacking: Measuring your popcorn kernels is a breeze, and adding them to a high-capacity heating chamber is a snap. Simply press the start button and enjoy hot and fresh popcorn in just a few minutes. The 5 Core popcorn machine is easy to use and can be used even by kids.

High-quality popcorn kettle: The kettle of the popcorn maker is made of non-stick stainless steel, making it easy to use and clean. The cover can be attached to the top of the machine for convenient filling and emptying.

Compact design: The popcorn machine lets you experience movie theater-style popcorn at home without sacrificing space. This compact popcorn maker machine can be easily placed on countertops.


Nostalgic experience: Besides being compact, the popcorn machine is a nostalgic replica of the street corner popcorn stands from the early 1900s. It brings the charm of the past to your tabletop and is a crowd-pleaser for any party. 

Includes: This popcorn maker machine comes with all the necessary accessories, including a stainless steel kettle, measuring spoon and cup, and a popcorn tray.

Product Description

Enjoy snacking during movie nights, parties, or special events with the 5 Core popcorn machine. With its ability to pop kernels within minutes. The old-style kettle is made of non-stick stainless steel and can be easily removed for cleaning. 

Owning a popcorn maker machine means getting the same theater-like pop experience at home without spending too much. Also, with the easy accessibility to healthy popcorn, you may reduce the consumption of unhealthy snacks while watching movies or TV shows.

The popcorn machine is fun and easy to use. They are a great way to entertain guests at parties or for family movie nights, and they require very little effort on our part. You just pop in the kernels, turn on the popcorn maker machine, and wait for tasty treats. So, get popcorn machine movie theater style today!


Popcorn anytime

Easy to clean

Tough & Sturdy

Fresh snack

Whether you are hosting a party or just looking for an easy snack to enjoy at home with friends or family, a popcorn machine can fulfil the urge to munch some delicious crispy pops in minutes.

While you can make fantastic popcorn in minutes, you will be glad to know it takes less than that to clean this popcorn maker. That is true. The popcorn maker machine is to operate & takes minutes to clean.

The pop corn machine is ETL Approved & RoHS approved. Made by adhering to the best quality standards to satisfy our diverse customers' needs and wants. It is made from rigid materials to offer maximum sturdiness and scratch resistance.

The countertop popcorn machine comes with a 2oz stainless steel kettle that makes almost a gallon of movie theater popcorn per cycle and has a handy 10W warming bulb in the top of the machine to keep your delicious snack fresh.


Product Features & Specifications:

Brand New 5 Core

Popcorn Machine 300 Watts

Four (4) Ounce Maximum Capacity

Can Use 4oz Popcorn Packets Per Batch

Rotational & Detachable Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Hot-Oil Kettle

Built-In Electric Stirring System With Low-Noise Motor

Convenient On/Off Control Switch (On Top)

Detachable Clear Acrylic Door

Clear Acrylic Walls, Just like Glass Walls

Full Instruction Manual

Easy To Use & Clean

Operates On 110v (Standard Outlet)

ETL Approved. RoHS approved.

Physical Dimensions: 13×12.2 x 20.1 inch

Weight: 9.9 LBS

Package information: 

1x Popcorn Machine




Movie nights at home.

Gift for movie and popcorn lovers.

Convenient and easy to use for all ages.

Well suited to be used in parties and events.

Quick and easy snack option for busy individuals.

Benefits of products

Great for snacking for large crowds.

Quick and easy preparation of delicious popcorn.

Ideal for movie nights and home, parties, and events.

Low maintenance and easy to operate for hassle-free use.

A unique addition to a home theater setup or entertainment room.



This tabletop popcorn popper is sure to fit on any countertop in your home or business. The 300W machine is great for serving yummy popcorn during family movie night and makes an excellent gift for any occasion.


The countertop popcorn maker includes a 4oz stainless steel kettle that makes about a gallon of movie theater popcorn per cycle and has a handy 10W warming bulb in the top of the machine to keep your delicious snack fresh.


5 Core popcorn maker has an attractive design aimed to capture the charm of machines from the fair or carnival.

Built with stainless steel, polycarbonate sides and door, this machine makes popping popcorn fast and simple. The 2-switch design allows you to use the kettle heater and stirrer independently of the overhead warming light.

Benefits of 5 core over other products


Fast and efficient heating technology.

Easy to clean, non-stick stainless steel kettle design.

Convenient countertop design with a compact footprint.

Easy-to-serve tilt door for easy access to popped popcorn.

Made of high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting use.

Why 5 Core

5 Core has been known for producing high-quality, premium products since 1984.

We are committed to using only the best materials and components to ensure the longevity of our products.

The best deals compared to other brands in the market without compromising on quality.

The trustworthy choice for thousands of customers scattered worldwide in more than 65 countries.

Backed by a proven track record of customer satisfaction and peace of mind.



5 Core Product

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Popcorn Tray




Efficient Heating




Easy to Clean





About Brand


5 Core, headquartered in California, warehouse in Bellefontaine, OH, USA, has a reputation for being a trusted and reliable brand, offering products designed to meet the highest industry standards. Our products are thoroughly tested and inspected before they are sent to the end user, ensuring that the customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, 5 Core is a brand people can trust for all their needs and wants.




Question: Is it true that it is popcorn machine movie theater style?

Answer: Yes, you can prepare a movie theatre like popcorn at home.

Question: How many wattages?

Answer: The Popcorn Machine has 300 Watts.

Question: Does it come with a manual?

Answer: Yes, you will get a user manual so you can learn to operate the popcorn maker machine.

Question: How much weight does it have?

Answer: It weighs 9.9 LBS.

Question: What is the dimension?

Answer: The popcorn machines’ dimension is 13×12.2 x 20.1 inch.

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