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3-in-1 Evaporative Portable Air Cooler Fan with Remote Control

3-in-1 Evaporative Portable Air Cooler Fan with Remote Control

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3-in-1 Cooling: This air cooler enjoy multi-function set in one, including refrigeration, humidification, air purification function in one equipment. It's really the first choice for you in hot summer days, which eliminates the trouble of using multiple appliances at the same time.

20L Water Tank and 2 Adjustment Methods: This cooling fan with a good cooling effect has a 20L extra-large water tank, which greatly reduces the number of times to add water.

Available 4 Speeds and 3 Modes: There are 4 wind speed settings to control the fan speed for optimal comfort. And it provides standard wind, natural wind, sleep wind and breeze to meet your different needs. Besides, this air cooler can help you cool down and improve airflow in your room

7.5-Hour Timing Function and Quiet Operation: The air coolers have a quiet sleep mode with noise control below 60db and will not disturb your sleep. 7.5-hour timing function allows you to set the auto off time, helping you to enjoy a comfortable and healthy night.

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This air cooler enjoys multiple functions including refrigeration, humidification and air purification, which can provide you with a large amount of cool, humid, fresh and clean air flow.


The 20L large water tank can greatly reduce the frequency of adding water. And the air cooler has 3 different wind modes and 4 speed options for you to choose. Besides, the 7.5-hour timing function will create a more liveable and comfortable sleeping environment for your family. What's more, 4 flexible wheels allow you to move or carry it to any place, making it suitable for your bedroom, living room, dining room and office. In addition, the remote control allows you to control the cooling performance without leaving your comfortable bed or sofa.


If you are looking for a air cooler fan like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


Available in 4 speed settings and 3 modes.Includes refrigeration, humidification and air purification functionalitiesDual adjustments: manual and automatic with adjustable angles up to 40°.Wide angle and long-distance air supply.7.5 hours timing function suitable for the night operation.Remote control and control panel add operational conveniences.Quiet cooling and consistent air circulation with low energy consumptionNo need for frequent water filling with 20L water tankUniversal wheels and built-in handle make it easy for eased mobility.CEC and UL certified and energy saving.Visible water level indicates refill of needed.Drainage outlet to quickly drain the remaining water in the tankHook design for easy power cord wrapping.

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