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MOOKA Video Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, Native 1920 x 1080P FHD Projector for Outdoor Movie, 8500 Lumens , with carrying bag BL69, white

MOOKA Video Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, Native 1920 x 1080P FHD Projector for Outdoor Movie, 8500 Lumens , with carrying bag BL69, white

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Native 1920x1080P Full HD Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth For Home and Outdoor Entertainment

MOOKA family BL-69 projector combines detailed Full HD 1920*1080p resolution with the latest Wi-Fi tech and Bluetooth 5.1 audio function and an intelligent modern design, letting it enliven your movie night, camping tents, offering a breathtaking entertainment experience.

Experience Every Detail In A Sharp And Vivid Picture

Stunning native 1920x1080p Full HD resolution provides more clear visibility. Innovative +30% brightness delivers an outstanding display. A 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio will display a full range of colors to create beautifully saturated. Transform your cinematic or gaming experience with crisp images and exceptional color.

100,000-Hrs Lifespan

This LED projector adopted a 65 watts LED lamp light source that will last up to an estimated 100,000 hours, gets rid of replacing the regular, less maintenance, just enjoy your favorite movie with endless fun.

The lens is composed of 6 high-precision and high-transmittance coating lenses, this increases projection transmittance and prevents stray light from interfering with images as well as enhancing image sharpness. You will experience a superior and more natural viewing experience

Get Your Phone Contents Flying Into Larger Screen

No one wants to huddle around the small screen of your phone to squint at movies or games! Outdoor projector for iPhone and Android Phone can provide 3 flexible big screen viewing experiences, which is a certainly convenient way to see a larger version of a video clip, show off photos or play a game.

Method 1- Wireless Connection with Your Home Wi-Fi

This wifi projector built-in the fast and stable wifi will easily cast the contents of your smartphone (iOS/Android Supported) screen onto your projector without an expensive HDMI adapter.

Method 2- Wireless Connection without Wi-Fi (Only Support iPhone)

Turn on the cellular data in your iPhone and search for the projector name if you take the projector to a party, campsite, vacation, etc., and don't want to have to deal with cables or lack the local Wi-Fi networks.

Method 3- Wired Connection via Original USB Cable

Also, this portable projector is accessible to connect your smartphone to the USB 2 port (OUT5V) on the projector via your original USB phone charge cable, click to trust the projector on your phone, and now you can view pictures and play videos and music on a huge screen.

Our most recommended method is the first method, but before that, you need to successfully connect the projector to your home Wi-Fi at first. To accomplish this, please follow the steps:

1: Select "Screen Mirroring" in the Input Source list- Press the "OK" Key- Choose "Setting" - Enter System Setup to Choose "Wi-Fi" - Enter and Save Your Home Wi-Fi Password - Connect this Projector to Your Home Wi-Fi successfully.

2: Return to the "Screen Mirroring" interface - Select the iOS Screen Mirroring function and stay in this interface.

3: Turn on the WLAN on your iPhone and connect your iPhone to your Home Wi-Fi (Connect the projector to your iPhone to the Same Local Wi-Fi Network)

4: Choose "Screen Mirroring" on your iPhone and select the projector name 'MOOKA-xxxxx" for pairing.

Bluetooth 5.1 Function & Built-in Hi-Fi Speaker

Use the Bluetooth 5.1 function of the wifi Bluetooth projector to connect your Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, soundbar, and other audio devices to enjoy the sound in freedom. Please noted the Bluetooth function of the projector is a Single channel, which means that it can be connected to Bluetooth/speakers/earphones, etc., but cannot be connected to mobile phones and computers. Also, the built-in Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker enjoys immersive movie night fun.

To Pair the Bluetooth Device:

1. Make sure your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth on the projector sound sub-menu Setting.

3. Search your Bluetooth device name to pair with it.

More information about MOOKA FAMILY BL-69 WiFi Bluetooth Home Theater Projector - FAQs

1. How to Play Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney on Movie Projectors From an iPhone?

A: Cause HDCP copyrighted content from Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video can NOT be screen mirrored or screencast directly from an iPhone. So, you can connect a streaming device like a Roku, Chromecast, or Firestick to your projector and cast Netflix from your iPhone to the device. Alternatively, for better image quality, log in on your PC and connect the PC with the HDMI port on the projector.

2. Which Android Phone Models are not Compatible with Wi-Fi Projectors?

A: The phone projector adopts Miracast protocol. If your Android phone does not support Miracast (Like Google/MOTO/Sony), it cannot be screen mirrored. But you can download any screencast app on your phone to cast the screen.

3. How to Adjust When the Projected Image is Fuzzy or Blurry?

A: 1. Make sure that the projector is displaying visuals on a smooth surface and the lens is clean. 2. Adjust the angle of a projector to make sure there’s a rectangle of light coming from the projector’s front lens. 3. Adjust the angle using the projector’s feet on the bottom which is designed to be screwed in and out so that the top two corners of the image line up with each other horizontally. 4. Use a vertical keystone on the projector back to adjust the shape of the image, slide the keystone key to the left and right for the vertical correction of ±15° to ensure the projected image is always a standard rectangle. 5. Adjust the Focus Ring on the top of the projector to sharpen the projected image. 6. 100% to 75% Zoom in or out to fit the screen, go to the PICTURE setting, find the Digital Zoom (Reduce Display). 7. Repeat the above steps as necessary to dial in the image to your screen

PS: It is normal that the screen edge is less clear than the center for all home projectors, and it performs better in a relatively dark environment.

4. There is No Sound from Home Projectors When Plugging Firestick.

A: Please check whether the Dolby sound is turned on for the video. The mini projector does not support Dolby sound and needs to be turned off. Go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > Turn Dolby OFF. or Choose the PCM (Setup-Audio output-PCM).

5. How to Clean Black Spots on the Screen?

A: Take off the projector label that covers a hidden slot for easy internal lens access. After opening, you can wipe the internal lens with a cotton swab.

Please feel free to contact our support team for professional assistance, we are here for you always, 24/7.

[1920x1080P Native Resolution]MOOKA Family native 1080P projector with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 8500 Lumens brightness, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a wide color gamut of 16.7 million, reproduces a clear and natural full HD picture up to 300", which delivers an immersive viewing experience for gaming and movies. This LED projector has an excellent lifespan of up to 50,000 -100,000 hrs, only has 65W low power consumption, less maintenance, more energy-efficient.

[Wi-Fi Wireless Screen Mirroring for Smartphone]Portable WiFi projector with the latest WiFi connection compatible with the Android Phone /iPhone/iPad/Tablet. No need for expensive HDMI adapters longer, instantly stream Youtube, movies, music, games, and photos on your projector screen. No WiFi environment? This phone projector has already been thought about it, you can connect the projector to your iPhone with your original USB phone charge cable or cellular data easily.

[Bluetooth 5.1 Function and HiFi Stereo Speaker]Bluetooth projector built-In latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip, can wirelessly pair with your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, soundbar anytime and anywhere. (Tip: Only support to connect with Audio Device via Bluetooth). Also, built-In HiFi stereo speakers with 5 sound modes -Movie/Music/Sports/User/Standard to enhance the clarity of sound and optimize the audio track depending on your specific content, perfect for parties or outdoor family movie nights.

[300" Giant Screen and Widely Compatible]Movie projector allows you to project images from 40 "to 300" depending on the distance and support rear-projection. The home projector features 2*USB, 1* HDMI, 1* VGA, 1*AV ports, and 1*3.5mm Audio output which is compatible with smartphones, PC, and laptops, a TV stick, camera, DVD player, USB Flash Drive(64GB), and Game box. It can be applied to many scenes, such as home theater/cinema, video games, parties, and outdoor entertainment.

[1 Year Warranty and Carrying Case Included]Mini projector for outdoor use, sleek and compact, weighs less than 3.5 pounds, and comes with a customized carrying bag to safely carry the projector around and all the accessories including 1* IR remote( 2 AAA batteries not included), 1* HDMI cable, 1* AV cable, 1*power cable, and 1*lens cover. 

including MOOKA BL69 white projector with wifi and bluetooth, 1* IR remote( 2 AAA batteries not included), 1* HDMI cable, 1* AV cable, 1*power cable, and 1*lens cover. 

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